Ron Artest’s craziest blog post yet?

By Sam Rubenstein

Ron Artest has found his name in the news for the wrong reasons again, because of a dog that was left to starve and die. Well, Ron takes up his defense on the matter and so much more. This is his latest entry. As always, the best excerpts:

We’re jelling right now and Mike Bibby is playing pretty well.

Back handed compliment. Nice.

I think I’m definitely an All-Star every year no matter how people may look at it. I was an All-Star one year and a lot of players never even get that. I definitely look forward in the upcoming years to being an All-Star.

I left for a seven-day trip and the dog watcher didn’t separate the dog food. See, I got an American Bulldog and he was eating all the food. When I got home, Socks was pretty skinny. He lost a little bit of weight.

One got hit by a car and one was killed by an animal. We got mountain lions running around. In Indiana, I had built this $100,000 pen just so they wouldn’t get away. I had ten acres and my dogs kept getting out. I built the pen so they could run around and they didn’t have to be locked in. That shows you that I got a love for dogs.

I think I was enjoying being in New York too much instead of playing the game.

We also lost Coach Musselman for a couple games.

Now that’s being diplomatic.

I was happy to hear that 50, Cam and Styles P were talking on the phone on Hot97. I think that’s what New York needs right now. A 50, Cam and Styles P song would be hot. The guys have to come together.

We had that on in the office the other day. The three of them were all yelling at each other.

Now that I’m not rushing, I’m working more and trying to be more strategic. I’m more into the music right now and less into the politics and I think that’s going to help me get fans and have fans actually like my music.

Please read the rest at your leisure. He gets much deeper into the dog starving thing.