Ron-Ron’s Boss Would Like for Him to Stop Emailing so Much

by Marcel Mutoni

Ron Artest (or, as he’d like for you to refer to him now as, “Bill”) and ESPN‘s Marc Stein have become quite the pen-pals over the last few weeks, with Ron-Ron emailing the well-connected hoops scribe whenever he feels like bolting Sacramento – which is about, oh, every 72 hours or so.

This has led to some rambling, yet wholly entertaining emails that Stein has been all too glad to share with his readers.

Joe Maloof, co-owner of the Sacramento Kings, isn’t particularly amused by the correspondence and sounds like he would like nothing more in the world than to take away Artest’s access to his email account. The Sacramento Bee has the details:

“He has to balance the way he acts,” Joe Maloof said by phone. “He’s got to control his emotions a little better. You’ve got to try and keep your cool a little bit.

“Take a deep breath and quit flying off the handle with comments that don’t make sense. I hate to say it that way, but that’s how I feel. It doesn’t make sense to me.”

Take it easy, Joe. These emails that he’s been typing up are nothing. Just wait until Ron discovers blogging. Then you’ll be in real trouble.