Royal Ivey Takes Classes, Volunteers to Coach at Texas

Jon Abrams of Grantland recently caught up with Ivey. In addition to discussing what happened in the Playoffs (“The Thunder would have beaten the Mavericks if it was 2013″), the guard talked about what he’s currently up to: “Grantland: What classes are you taking? Ivey: “Childhood and adolescent development, piano, and another educational course, individual differences. This would be my third offseason that I’ve been back in school. It’s always weird coming back. I always feel like the old guy on campus, just being around the younger guys and coming down here and working out with guys. I’m just reliving the dream each time I come back.” Grantland: Are you practicing with the college team while you’re there? Ivey: “I actually just signed papers to become an undergraduate-student coach, so I’ll be helping out this year.”