Royce White Skeptical About NBA’s Mental Health Initiative

by March 20, 2018
royce white nba mental health

Former Rockets forward Royce White is skeptical that the NBA genuinely cares about players’ mental health.

In a story by Yahoo’s Dan Devine, White cautioned that the League is engaging in the mental health conversation because it’s a trendy topic.

“There already were faces (for a mental health movement),” he said. “Jerry West, for one. I mean, Jesus, do we need a bigger face than that? I mean, forget me.” […]

“Let’s take Ron Artest, Delonte West, Eddie Griffin, Latrell Sprewell, Jason Williams, Chris Herren — a number of people who toed the line between mental health and substance abuse, which is a co-morbid line, which they know. […]

“So the question becomes, what did they do in light of those cases? And the next question becomes, if it’s not about the faces — if it’s about the public support of the faces, or the public wave that’s going to move the progress — then it’s a sensationalized progress, and then, again, it’s not genuine, in my opinion.”

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