Rubio Goes to Barcelona

by Ryne Nelson

Sources from (one of) Ricky Rubio’s current clubs, DKV Joventut, is reporting a “trade” with the Spanish team, Regal Barcelona. The $5.3 million buyout will become the most expensive European basketball transfer in history.

Details about when the deal will happen are unknown, but what we do know is that Ricky is a long way away from playing in the League. According to Marca, Rubio will sign a six-year deal with Barcelona. The pact features a progressively decaying buyout clause, making it very possible that he’ll join the NBA after two more seasons overseas.

Roughly translated, check some of the details from the Spanish report:

Ricky Rubio will be a Regal Barcelona player. It will be the most expensive buyout in the history of European basketball: 3.7 million euros (around $5.3 million dollars).

Ricky signed for six seasons with an opt-out clause to play in the NBA. The amount of that clause will progressively decrease.

After playing the second season with Barcelona Ricky will have a buyout low enough to go to the NBA in the summer of 2011.

Rubio’s status with the L-Wolves gets muddier. Will the Wolves retain Rubio’s rights by 2011? Will Ricky demand a trade, as he did with DKV this summer?

At 18 years old, is Ricky Rubio truly good enough to dictate where and when he plays? Guess so.

UPDATE: Yahoo! is reporting that no deal has come to fruition as of yet.