Rudy Gobert Believes Victor Wembanyama Will Be ‘Something Unique’

Rudy Gobert knows SLAM 240 cover athlete Victor Wembanyama has what it takes to be special. The two French 7-footers have been linked for years both by the media and in their personal lives. 

Gobert recently told’s Mark Medina what it has been like to mentor Wembanyama.

“It’s been great,” Gobert said. “I’ve known Victor since he was 13 years old. He’s a great kid. He’s very wise. Obviously, he has all the tools. But what makes him special is his mindset and his spirit. He’s passionate about the game. He wants to be great, and he knows what it takes to be great. He’s putting all that together and working really hard to get to that level. It’s been really cool to watch him grow.” 

Wembanyama has been compared to Gobert, specifically with his ability to make a difference at the rim on the defensive end of the ball. On offense, however, Wembanyama is a completely different monster. Gobert understood this distinction and noted it very early on in Wembanyama’s development. 

“The first time I watched him play, we all knew he would be special. But the real question was how far and how special? These last few days, we can all agree that he’s going to be something unique. As soon as I got to speak with him and understand his mindset, I knew he would be great. He has all of the tools, but the mentality is the most important tool. He has that.” 

Gobert attended Metropolitans 92 and Wembanyama’s second exhibition game against the G League Ignite. Wembanyama finished with 36 points, 11 rebounds, 4 assists, and 4 blocks.

After the contest, Gobert and the number one prospect in the world took some photos together. At 7’4, the 18-year -old Wembanyama towered over Gobert.

“It doesn’t happen a lot (smiles),” Gobert said about Wembanyama being taller than him. “It was great. I’m used to being the one looking from up above. It’s unusual for me, but it happens. I’ve seen Boban [Marjanovic] and Tacko [Fall] a few times. It makes me feel like a normal person.” 

The three-time Defensive Player of the Year knows what it takes to succeed in the League, and Wembanyama was blessed with all of it and maybe even a little bit more.