Russell Westbrook Leaves Spotless Room, Generous Tip For Bubble Hotel Staff

After spending time at the Grand Floridian hotel at Walt Disney World, Russell Westbrook showed his appreciation to the staff on the way out. It was first reported by Brad Townsend of the Dallas Morning News that Westbrook left an $8,000 tip after his nearly two-month stay.

This was later confirmed by Taylor Rooks of Bleacher Report, who spoke with Westbrook about the tip. She mentioned that he left behind a note to the staff as well and got feedback from him on what they did for him in the bubble.

“They took great care of us. Took the time and energy to do their job at a high level. That was the right thing. I like to do the right thing”

While Rooks wasn’t able to confirm the amount of tip being $8,000 or not, it speaks a lot to Westbrook’s character nonetheless. After a disappointing second-round exit, he left his room spotless along with a token of appreciation for the hospitality.