Russell Westbrook Talks Fashion When Asked About Kevin Durant

The media, naturally, wanted to hear Russell Westbrook’s thoughts about playing alongside Kevin Durant during the NBA All-Star Game.

But Russ was in no mood for any of that: he artfully dodged their questions by discussing Fashion Week instead.

Steve Kerr says he’s thought about rolling out a lineup of Russ, KD and three other Warriors in Sunday’s showcase.:

“I’ve definitely considered it,” Kerr, the Western Conference coach, told ESPN Radio on Thursday.


“The only thing that you have to do as a coach in the All-Star Game is to parcel out the minutes. That’s it. You don’t draw up any plays. At least I don’t; I didn’t two years ago. So we’ve got to figure out the minutes, and I have thought about it, and I’m not going to share it with you here today.”


“Everybody loves drama, man. It feels like we’re in a big soap opera. A reality TV show,” Durant said of the inevitable media focus looming in New Orleans as he and Westbrook, former Thunder teammates, reunite for a weekend. “So many people want to know about our relationship, or a phone call, instead of worrying about the game, which is the most important thing.”

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