Scottie Pippen: Golden State Warriors Not a Dynasty

by May 01, 2018

According to Scottie Pippen, the Warriors are not an NBA dynasty.

Pip faults Golden State for acquiring Kevin Durant en route to third championship in four years.

The Hall of Famer says he lost a bit of respect for the Dubs following the addition of KD two summers ago.

Per Dime:

“You say they’re on a dynasty run, but I don’t see it that way,” Pippen told Dime. “They picked up probably the best player in the game after they won their first championship. I don’t consider that a dynasty run. They went out and got the best player in the game after they won their first championship and after they lost in the Finals defending their first title. I don’t see them as a dynasty, I think bringing Kevin Durant in really changed my respect as to where I rank this team going forward in terms of a dynasty.”

Pippen expounded on his argument, believing that adding Durant after losing the Finals in 2016 is what sets this apart – at least until they win a few more with KD.

“I thought they were organically built up until they went out and got Durant,” Pippen says. “And I think that was the change, but I don’t really see Golden State as a dynasty. Dynasties are teams that does things special, does things different. Even in the year that they won 73 games, they lost the title. So I can’t consider that part of their dynasty. That wasn’t a dynasty season. So then they came back the next season and won a title, so I can’t back track and say let’s add last season to it because Kevin Durant wasn’t with them at that time.”