Scottie Pippen Sees Midgets in Bulls Backcourt

by Marcel Mutoni

We signed off on Monday with a post on Scottie Pippen lobbying hard (if not foolishly) for the head coaching gig in Chicago, and today, we start things off with Pippen all but ruining any chance in hell of getting the job.

Scottie was asked about the Bulls’ backcourt tandem of Ben Gordon and Kirk Hinrich, and the ever candid Pippen did not mince words. Pip said that Gordon has been taking bad shots because he’s angling for a big deal this summer (with the season being a contract one), and called Hinrich vertically challenged:

Pippen’s assessment of Kirk Hinrich included this: ”He’s not that talented. Let him run the offense. But you can’t have midgets running your backcourt. Little guards always put you in a vulnerable position.”

You know, there’s telling the truth, and then there’s shooting yourself in the foot. Pippen is apparently a master of the latter.

Take note, Scottie: In the fragile and sensitive world of NBA egos, diplomacy and kindness are king. The last Bulls coach never learned this; look where it got him.