‘Secret’ Deal Between Washington and Arenas?

by June 23, 2008

by Marcel Mutoni

Buried deep within Mitch Lawrence’s Sunday notes column for the NY Daily News, is a small paragraph regarding Gilbert Arenas’s contract situation with the Washington Wizards.

Lawrence, like everyone else, doesn’t forsee Arenas playing anywhere else but Washington in the near future, and citing an unnamed source, he says that the two sides have reached a “secret” agreement on a contract extension.

Gilbert Arenas isn’t leaving Washington, despite opting out of the last year of his contract, which would have paid him around $13 million next season. Arenas and the Wizards have secretly agreed on a new multi-year deal, according to a GM friend of Washington executive Ernie Grunfeld.

It’s interesting that such a significant development would be buried so deep within a column, and on a Sunday no less.

And it’s also worth noting that nothing has been said of this from any of the Washington papers. Stay tuned.