Separated at Birth: Mark Cuban

By Sam Rubenstein

Why do people love Separated at Births so much? Sometimes people look alike and it’s a big accomplishment to point that out. Robert Horry looks like Will Smith, WOW! Especially now that Will has grey hairs for the role he’s playing in his new movie. My favorite types of sep-at-births are when they humiliate and embarass the subject. For example we gave you millionaire Donyell Marshall and ex-junkie Bubbles from The Wire, and I’m the guy responsible for the Adam MorrisonTina Fey connection. Not to mention Lang’s classic Andrew BogutAshlee Simpson one. And you wonder why she had to get a nose job. So, here is my latest entry into the embarrasing Separated at Birth series. In this one, we have Mark Cuban, a self-made billionaire who many people find to be slightly annoying. On the left, there is another billionaire. Brandon Davis, the man who’s greatest moment was wearing a “Team Firecrotch” shirt. Maybe they’re more fraternal than identical twins. Hopefully someone else sees this.