Serge Ibaka Excited to Play for Spain in Euro Championship

Now that he’s officially a Spanish citizen, Serge Ibaka can’t wait to suit up for the country this summer. From the AP: “I have to give all my energy on the court, that’s my job,’ the 21-year-old Ibaka said. ‘I will do everything I can to help the team.’ Ibaka, a native of the Republic of Congo, played for Spanish clubs for three years before moving to the NBA in 2009. He became a Spanish national this month. He’ll join Pau Gasol and Marc Gasol in the front court of a squad packed with NBA talent. ‘I am excited to play with point guards Ricky (Rubio), (Jose) Calderon and (Barcelona’s Victor) Sada because they make other players better, and also share the paint with Pau, Marc and (Madrid forward) Felipe (Reyes),’ Ibaka said. Pau Gasol underscored the strengths of Ibaka. ‘Physically, (Ibaka) is a very good player, very powerful,’ Gasol said. ‘He gives us another inside player to increase the level of competition on the team.'”