Seth Curry: Nuggets ‘Got A Few Sassy Dudes Over There’

Whew boy, do we have a series on our hands.

The Blazers and Nuggets have been neck and neck all series, and with Portland pulling away 104-90 late in Game 6, things got heated between the two teams. Will Barton and Seth Curry shoved each other, culminating in Barton sticking his finger in Curry’s eye.

Safe to say the encounter did not sit well with Seth, who called it “really sassy.”

Curry has performed respectably in this bloodbath of a series, especially in Game 4, when he drained 4-6 threes off the bench for 16 points.

Barton has had a similar impact for the Nuggets. When he scored over 9 points, the Nuggets have gone 3-1 in the series. But when he fails to reach that threshold, Denver has been beaten both times.

Game 7 is Sunday. Grab your popcorn. And your eye patches.

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