Shaq and Mark Cuban: Joining Forces?

by Marcel Mutoni

The two of them have long gazed at each other admiringly, but from a distance. This summer, according to several reports, Shaq and Cubes might move a bit closer to one another.

What began as an simple, innocent Twitter bromance could turn into something much bigger very soon. Dallas Basketball reports:

Shaquille O’Neal didn’t just stay an extra day in Dallas because, as he claims, he wanted to visit the Grassy Knoll. We’re told the Suns legendary center also stayed behind because he thinks all the grass in Dallas might be greener – and that he is angling with Mavs owner Mark Cuban for an offseason trade to Big D. This storyline is just now revving up again thanks to Shaq’s weekend on the town, during which he repeatedly told friends about the Mavs being on his wish list. We

“Privately, he’s not making any secret of it,’’ says one mutual friend of Shaq and “I bet right after the season ends, it won’t be private anymore, either.”

Some of our information is sourced (as described above.). Some is 2+2=4 stuff. And some of it comes from reading between the lines of Twitter and the like. Immediately after the game, Cuban Tweeted a message praising Shaq’s effort in Dallas’ 140-116 win. After Shaq Tweeted about the Grassy Knoll, (I’m goin to thje grassy knoll tomorrow) he sent a message to Cuban, asking that the Mavs owner contact him. (Hey mark cuban call shaq or email him) And after that, Cuban wrote: shaq found me. wish I could say what happened. I kept my cool. All of this was initiated by Shaq as he was heading out to enjoy his “favorite NBA city,’’ mourning the possible end of his Suns career, contemplating the “green grass’’ of Dallas and relaxing until 4 a.m. in that club. The fitting name of the Dallas nightspot? “Wish.’

Though all of the above is obviously nothing more than pure speculation, others in the local Dallas media seem to agree that this trade would make a lot of sense, and it’s important to keep in mind that Cuban has made previous attempts at acquiring O’Neal’s services.

It will be an interesting offseason in both Phoenix and Dallas, this much we can be sure of.