Shaq: ‘I Could Average 27 and 10 in This League Easily’

by Marcel Mutoni

Shaquille O’Neal is having himself a fine season. The big fella is dropping in just under 16 points a game, snatching nearly 9 boards, and taking the more than occasional day off to rest. It’s not a bad deal.

Shaq, being Shaq, believes he could be doing more. A lot more. Like, say, putting up historical numbers like he used to do in a former life.

From the Arizona Republic:

“I could average 27 and 10 in this league easily,” O’Neal said. “Easily. In this conference, in this league, easily. Eyes closed.”

“I can but I’ve got to get the opportunities. I’m not really the first option on this team but when I get it down there, I’ll do what I do. Like I told everybody, ‘You want me to be Shaq?’ Then I’ve got to get the Shaq touches and Shaq opportunities. I just can’t be taking five shots…and then you look at me like I’m old. I could average 27 and 10 until I’m 50.”

Seeing as how Shaq hasn’t put up those kind of numbers in about six years, I’m wondering if the paper got those quotes from his completely nonsensical Twitter feed.

Clearly, Terry Porter needs to be handed a pink slip. Any coach who can’t see the potential for his injury-prone, 36-year old center to still be terrorizing the entire League shouldn’t be roaming the sidelines.