Shawn Marion Doesn’t Miss Miami and Its Crushing Boredom

by Marcel Mutoni

As far as Shawn Marion is concerned, Toronto beats Miami any day of the week, plus twice on Sunday. I’m guessing Shawn has yet to walk the streets and notice the lack of sunshine and warmth he has grown accustomed to.

Oh, he was talking about basketball? Very well then, carry on Mr. Matrix. From the CP:

The way coach basically explained it to me, we’re going to get up and down the court a little bit more, it’s going to be more fun to go out there and just play ball basically,” Marion said at a news conference Tuesday at the Air Canada Centre.

“The game is supposed to be exciting. I’m tired of playing that boring style, halfcourt, just watching everybody go up and run a play, call this play, run this play. That’s boring, I’m not going to lie to you. I know fans don’t enjoy it, either.”

Hmm, let’s see here: The Heat not only has a better team than the Raptors, but they have a better record, are in playoff contention, and um, they live and work in FREAKING MIAMI. But, of course, yes, Toronto is better for Shawn Marion. His logic is amazing.

As for the other half of the trade, Jermaine O’Neal says he’s stumbled into the fountain of youth thanks to the move.