Sheed and Flip, Zebo and Assistant Coach Byron Scott

“A lot of people think this is training camp for getting ready for the season, but that’s a lie. This is a gastronomical experience for all of us. We’re taking advantage of that.” — Gregg Popovich.

“I was talking to my high school coach last year during the Finals. He told me he actually stopped watching because it was an insult to basketball what they are doing now. It’s so messed up. It’s not basketball anymore. It’s all about the dollars. It’s retarded.” — Rasheed Wallace, on the NBA’s tight foul calls.

“If you’re going to try to lead, then you can’t lead when it’s convenient. All the time you’ve got to take that mantle. I really stay on all of them about that, especially in games. There’s two minutes left and guys are on the bench [saying], We’ve got to play defense. I’m thinking, Well, yeah, 46 minutes ago.” — Doc Rivers.

• Something to keep an eye on: Dwyane Wade is experiencing pain and inflammation in his hand, and an MRI didn’t help figure anything out.

• Here we go again in Detroit. Check these quotes about the Pistons practicing Flip Saunders’ beloved zone defenses:

Rasheed Wallace: “It’s terrible. That’s just me as a ballplayer. I am not knocking his coaching of the zone or nothing like that. … But me, and the system I grew up in, nah, I don’t like the zone. It’s just to hide the weakest defenders.”

Flip Saunders: “The guys seem more receptive to it. Sheed had a very spirited, very good practice.”

Someone’s not on the same page here.

• Ryan Hollins pulled down a basket during BETcats rehearsal yesterday and it hit assistant coach Jeff Caple. This immediately jumped up into a list of the top ten events in the history of the franchise.

• Mark Cuban notes that he needs to make it as inexpensive as possible for the local Dallas papers and media to cover the Mavs. Great column.

• This is shocking: Tommy Heinsohn really likes one of the Celtics players. Also, a guy named Togo Palazzi, which I think is where I went on vacation a few years ago, spoke to the Celts.

• Zach Randolph has Bell’s Palsy, a condition that causes temporary paralysis in some facial muscles. According to Wikipedia, it’s a condition that can be related to herpes simplex. Moving on…

• Spurs training camp in France sounds like they’re having a little too much fun. The coaches, at least.

• At the Mavericks training camp, Avery Johnson has been going to Josh Howard’s room to “listen to music.” And has tons of notes.

• Love the note at the end here: The Bulls essentially traded Eddy Curry for Ben Wallace, Tyrus Thomas and Michael Sweetney.

• The Sixers are in Barcelona, but does anyone care?

• There’s a brief note here about Tyson Chandler filming a segment for The Byron Scott Show. We have to get a tape of that show.

• Finally, check the note at the end here: Li’l Dun is busting heads!