Shocker: Mark Cuban Disagrees With the NBA on J.R. Smith Ruling

by January 16, 2009

by Marcel Mutoni

The League elected not to suspended the Nuggets’ J.R. Smith despite Mark Cuban’s highly-publicized demands. To the surprise of absolutely no one, Cuban took issue with the NBA’s decision.

As he is wont to do from time to time, Cubes then pushed things to next level, and somehow managed to connect Smith’s elbow to economic disaster.

From the Rocky Mountain News, which the Mavs’ owner has been e-mailing like crazy:

“The two worst events that have hit the NBA in the last five years were the brawls that have occurred,” Cuban wrote. “This was a case where a participant in one of those brawls threw an unsportsmanlike and unwarranted elbow at the head of another player. I first brought it to the attention of NBA security, and asked them to bring it to the attention of the officials…(Smith) was putting the entire league at risk. The very last thing this league needs is another brawl, and to allow that door to even be open would have been a huge mistake.”


“I don’t think people realize what the impact could have been. In this economy, the impact could have been catastrophic.”

The interesting thing here is that it is Mark himself who might face disciplinary action from the Association, as they continue to investigate his actions. If punished, I’m sure he’ll handle it with nothing but class.