Short-Sleeve Jerseys Will Be Worn by 17 Teams at Summer League

If you’ve watched the Summer League at all, you’ve seen the hot new short-sleeve jerseys certain teams have rocked. The jerseys are adidas adizero short-sleeve jerseys, with graphics that are designed to mirror the graphics on traditional practicewear tank tops. If you really like them, there’s good news and bad news: The good news is even more teams will wear them during Summer League. The bad news? They’re not for sale.

Here’s a list of every team wearing the adizero short-sleeve jerseys this summer:

• Boston Celtics
• Brooklyn Nets
• Charlotte Bobcats
• Chicago Bulls
• Dallas Mavericks
• Detroit Pistons
• Indiana Pacers
• Los Angeles Clippers
• Los Angeles Lakers
• Minnesota Timberwolves
• New York Knicks
• Oklahoma City Thunder
• Orlando Magic
• Phoenix Suns
• Portland Trail Blazers
• San Antonio Spurs
• Toronto Raptors