Should Jerry Sloan Get the Team USA Gig?

by August 27, 2008

by Marcel Mutoni

With USA Basketball in need of a new coach, the list of candidates is short and impressive. Coach K is likely to be succeeded by the likes of Gregg Popovich, Mike D’Antoni, or Nate McMillan.

The folks in Utah, however, think their guy deserves a shot at leading the American charge during the London Games of 2012. From the Salt Lake Tribune:

With his program back on track after the team he tore down and rebuilt won the gold medal in Beijing, USA Basketball czar Jerry Colangelo now has the chance to right of the true wrongs in his sport’s history.

Colangelo should reach out to Jerry Sloan and try talking him into accepting the job as head coach of Team USA in the 2012 Olympics in London.

The linked piece, written by Steve Luhm, talks about how politics got in the way of Sloan coaching Team USA during the 2000 Games.

D’Antoni and McMillan helped tremendously with the “Redemption” of Team USA this summer, and that will go a long way in determining who will get the top job four years from now. Also, Pop has long been discussed as a top candidate.

So unless all of them pull out of the running for the gig, Team USA head honcho Jerry Colangelo is unlikely to give the nod to Jerry Sloan. Sorry, Utah.