Sixers (and T-Wolves!) Enter Carmelo Anthony Derby

by Marcel Mutoni / @marcel_mutoni

All eyes will be on what happens in Denver later on today, with everyone looking in to see if Carmelo Anthony shows up for the team’s annual Media Day.

Judging from the reports over the weekend, there’s no sense that ‘Melo will get moved anytime soon; the only thing we know is that New Jersey isn’t the only team with serious interest in acquiring his services.

The Sixers are said to have joined in the hunt for Anthony, and are reportedly dangling Andre Iguodala. It’s clear, though, that the chances of ‘Melo going to the City of Brotherly Love are slim to none. From the Philly Daily News:

The 76ers have contacted the Denver Nuggets about a potential trade for star forward Carmelo Anthony, multiple NBA sources confirmed on Sunday. The centerpiece of the Sixers’ offer is swingman Andre Iguodala, although other players, including expiring contracts and young talent, would be needed to convince the Nuggets to part with their franchise player.

Another Western Conference source admitted that Denver has “always loved” Iguodala’s game, but cautioned that most NBA teams have inquired about Anthony. The source said there was little reason to believe the Sixers were front-runners for landing the 6-foot-8 all-star forward, who reportedly has a list of preferred destinations not including Philly.

Speaking of slim-to-none, the Pioneer Press takes a quick look at the Timberwolves’ interest in Carmelo.

No, really:

The New Jersey Nets aren’t the only team interested in trading for disenchanted Denver Nuggets all-star forward Carmelo Anthony. The Timberwolves — don’t laugh — have serious interest in Anthony and have managed their salary cap to be able to afford him if he’s still available at trade time in February.

It’s clear that absolutely no one knows what’s going to happen with Carmelo Anthony. All we can say with certainty is that, for whatever reason, everyone thinks they’ve got a shot at landing him.