SLAM Autographed Cover Contest

by November 05, 2008

I know our contest page is already pretty off the hook with all the cool stuff we’re giving away of late, but I think this is one is special, particularly for true fans of SLAM. Check it out: SLAM art director and issue 123 cover artist Stephen Goggi has signed limited-edition (as in one of each) prints of his cover artwork, sans cover lines. The reaction to these covers has been tremendous, as we hoped it would, but in truth, having to put our logo and all those cover lines on the illustrations did muddy them up a little bit. So, in an effort to show you guys just how nice Stephen’s work is, as well as to reward a real SLAM fan with a one-of-a-kind keepsake(s), we are showing and then giving away, all five pieces of cover art to whichever commenter makes the best case for what their favorite cover in the history of SLAM is, and why. And, just in case this winner-to-be-determined likes the actual magazine version better, they will also get all five copies of the issue.

So get to writing (again, the entry is: please tell us what your favorite SLAM cover ever is, and why), and check back in a few days to see who wins this unique contest. Lastly, for all those of you who either don’t want to enter the contest or enter and don’t win but still want to get all the covers, go to this page and scroll down to find all five Dec. 2008 issues (A-B-C-D-E), and order any or all of them.


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