SLAM Radio: Free Agency Countdown

by July 08, 2010

by Eddie Maisonet, III / @edthesportsfanLeBron James

This time a week ago, we were simply giddy at the thought of what would happen as free agency officially opened up in the NBA. It started off kind of slowly, then all of a sudden…hell broke loose.

We saw the ghosts of Jim McIlvaine pop up with ridiculous contracts to players who hadn’t done anything (Darko Milicic, Amir Johnson). We saw the gross overpayment of B-level players and yet received A-level money (Rudy Gay, Joe Johnson). Then finally we started to see the big names make their mark. First Amare to New York, then Wade and Bosh unite in Miami, then Boozer to Chicago. Now we are at the grand finale…LeBron…in Grenwich, CT at a Boys & Girls Club (isn’t it ironic that there’s a Boys & Girls Club in Grenwich? I digress)…with a one-hour special on the Worldwide Leader…making his announcement on where he’ll sign this season.

Kenny Masenda and Brandon Lewis joined yours truly as we chopped it up on what’s happened so far in free agency and what will happen moving forward. Plus, be on the lookout for an intense debate by Brandon discussing why Darko Milicic actually deserves his $20 million contract from Minnesota. Yes, it is as hilarious and absurd as you just thought it sounded in your mind.

SLAM Radio presents… the Free Agency Countdown.


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