SLAM Radio, Kenyon, Steph & KG

by Lang Whitaker

If you missed SLAM Radio last night, you missed one of the better shows we’ve done. If you want to download the entire show you can go to the Toney Blare show page and sign up for the podcast to download the most recent show. If you want to listen to streaming audio of the show, go to the same page and click on the most recent show link.

Or, if you just want to hear our special guest, NBA Rookie of the Year Chris Paul, on the show, check this out.

A few news stories…

• The Nets officially inked Mile Ilic, at least until the Nets doctor gets a look at him and figures out some reason to void his contract.

• Steph says he’d love to play with KG…on the Knicks.

• Good article on the Raptors and their Euro expansion. I like how the Spanish guys are already making fun of Chris Bosh because the USA didn’t win a gold medal.

• Sekou Smith on watching the Hawks practice. I’m just glad the Hawks aren’t among the 10 teams that the Mavs are deeply discounting their ticket prices for. That’s a start, right?
• Mike Fisher explains why newspapers suck.

• Kenyon says he’s healthy and ready to go.

• Interesting Q&A with Nellie, who calls Monta Ellis a mystery.

• Hey, at least the Grizzlies are listening.