SLAM Radio: Live and Loud

by Tzvi Twersky

As I wrote about a few days ago, Ryne and I had the chance to attend the NBA Rookie Photo Shoot this past Sunday. With 35 of the the rooks gathered in MSG Training Center in Tarrytown, NY, the two of us made our way around the event, talking to as many of the freshmen players as we could. The aforementioned post included conversations with some of the mid-to-lower first and early second round selections. This SLAM Radio post includes a few more of those, but mainly it features  bigger name ballers.


Here’s a list of the 2009 Draft picks featured on this Radio Cast, in the order that they’ll be heard: (selection #, roster)

1:31: Darren Collison (21st pick, New Orleans Hornets)

4:01: Jeff Teague (19th pick, Atlanta Hawks)

6:29: James Johnson (16th pick, Chicago Bulls)

9:18: Jrue Holiday (17th pick, Philadelphia 76ers)

11:19: DeMarre Carroll (27th pick, Memphis Grizzlies)

16:46: DeMar DeRozan (9th pick, Toronto Raptors)

20:42: Sam Young (36th pick, Memphis Grizzlies)

30:58: Jeff Pendergraph (31st pick, Portland Trail Blazers)

37:30: Stephen Curry (7th pick, Golden State Warriors)

43:03: Eric Maynor (20th pick, Utah Jazz)

46:00: Panini Group employee

48:46: Rodrigue Beaubois (25th pick, Dallas Mavericks)

53:47: Brandon Jennings (10th pick, Milwaukee Bucks)

56:06: Tyreke Evans (4th pick, Sacramento Kings)

1:03:08: Omri Casspi (23rd pick, Sacramento Kings)

1:06:54: Gerald Henderson (12th pick, Charlotte Bobcats)

1:09:20: Wayne Ellington (28th pick, Minnesota Timberwolves)

1:13:09: James Johnson (16th pick, Chicago Bulls) [James spoke with SLAM twice!–Ed.]

Between games of NBA LIVE 2010 and posing for photos, here’s what the frosh had to say. (And enjoy the music pumping in the background, courtesy of DJ Mode.)