SLAMonline invades ESPN

by Marcel Mutoni

Our good friend Henry Abbott over at True Hoop asked me a simple question a little while ago: “What would it take for you to get a tattoo of the Knicks’ logo on your chest?”

My answer:

The only way I’m getting the Knicks’ logo tatted on my chest is if Isiah signs Darius Miles to an obscene amount of money. That would signal the glorious reunion of D-Miles and Q-Rich — whose head-pound celebration is one of the coolest things ever — while also guaranteeing the Knicks’ reaching a whole new level of mediocrity.

My philosophy is if you’re going to fail, why not fail in spectacular fashion? I’m also curious to see if Isiah could be the first person to be kicked out of the Hall of Fame for his off-court ineptitude. decided to use this as part of their Team Previews.

Be very afraid!