SLAMonline Top 50: Paul Pierce, no. 7

by October 21, 2008

by russ bengtson

paul pierce what the hell is paul pierce doing here sure he was the finals mvp but he wasnt even the best player on his own team last year yeah so kevin garnett said he was the true mvp of the celtics what did he know that was just kg being kg selfless to the end everyone else knew the truth the truth you can’t handle the truth my name is shaquille oneal and paul pierce is the motherfucking truth the truth the truth went toe to toe with lebron in a game seven and came up on top went up against kobe bryant in the finals and came up on top again but that doesn’t make him top ten now does it not gonna give you numbers cause they don’t matter and they can just get twisted

and you can go look them up if you really want because they’re out there in plenty of places you can even sponsor his basketball reference page if you want to nevermind its too late what I do know is this that pierce is big and tough and good from three and a beast in the post and terrific at getting his shot off because you’re not gonna put a body on him he survived antoine walker so he can handle himself whether hes competing with opponents or teammates drafted late hes been proving people wrong ever since stabbed multiple times in late september of two thousand he made it back that same season and played all eighty two games and had a career season but this isnt about that although he played in the eastern conference finals long before the kg resurgence carried a bad team with a brilliant legacy on his back for years before the cavalry came never trashing management or demanding an out or immediate help like certain other all-star all-timers whom i wont name and who may appear higher on this list hes been the best player on a bad team and the best player on a great team

and a scorer and a complementary player and a complimentary player and a teammate to guys like vitaly potapenko and jerome moiso and joseph forte and vin baker and jiri welsch and sebastian telfair and coached by rivers and obrien and pitino and carroll and  what does that have to do with anything nothing at all thanks for asking but just know that paul pierce is a guy who can change his game as circumstance dictates and either step down or step up depending on who his teammates are and take the fewest shots since his rookie year at thirty years old and play equally well on either side of the ball and put in on you like nobodys business

and pile up tommy points like there’s no tomorrow and be the best celtic in the whole damn playoffs not just the finals and guarantee that his number thirty four will join birds thirty three and mchales thirty two and russells six among too many others up in the boston garden rafters whoops legacy doesn’t matter here sorry where that seventeenth banner he played a major part in earning already resides and an eighteenth and nineteenth and twentieth could follow if things keep going the way they have and everyone keeps playing the way they can and pierce earns this spot and higher to the point where no one can dispute it which will never ever happen so why even mention it you idiot because jay says paul pierce is overrated so while I may be wrong still i write

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