So, D-Wade Bought a Home in Chicago

by Marcel Mutoni

It’s not uncommon for sports stars to own multiple residences, in various cities across the country. In this day and age, however, every little move (and transaction) is scrutinized and mined endlessly for meaning or clues.

Welcome to Dwyane Wade’s life.

Wade recently purchased a luxury townhouse in Chicago, the city where he was born, leading some media members to wonder aloud if this is a hint about Dwyane’s free agent intentions next summer. Here’s the immortal Sam Smith on the case:

Has Dwyane Wade purchased his Chicago dream house as a prelude to signing a free agent contract with the Bulls next summer? Or is Wade just a clever real estate speculator at a good time? Prying eyes want to know. And at least basketball franchises in Chicago and Miami.

You never can say never with NBA players since Wade should be earning at least $17 million a season once he signs an extension or leaves as a free agent. So then what’s a little $1.4 million second (or third) home? The list price was $1.7 million. But this certainly is something to give one—or many—pause of given Wade’s fairly open questioning of Miami’s rebuilding plan and recent disappointment despite Wade’s obvious lobbying to steal Lamar Odom away from the Lakers.

Of course, what’s largely glossed over in the linked piece is that Miami is the team that can offer D-Wade the most money once he becomes a free agent, something I’m inclined to think will play a not-so minor role in his decision.

I hope LeBron buys a mansion in Utah next week, just to screw with everyone’s heads.