Someone Wants to Wrestle Mark Cuban

by December 04, 2009

My guess is that plenty of people would like to see Mark step into the ring. Too bad his opponent wouldn’t be Kenyon Martin: “The Mavericks’ owner, who will host World Wrestling Entertainment’s RAW on Monday at American Airlines center, shrugged off a challenge by up-and-coming WWE star Cody Rhodes on Thursday. Rhodes is the son of Austin-born Virgil Runnels, better known as WWE Hall of Fame wrestler Dusty ‘The American Dream’ Rhodes. After being notified that Cuban would like some payback against Rhodes’ ally Randy Orton for a 2003 ‘RKO’ knockout move, Rhodes suggested Cuban step into the ring. Rhodes, Orton and Ted DiBiase Jr., all second-generation wrestlers, form the WWE’s top villainous trio ‘The Legacy.’ ‘We’ve had some guest hosts like Bob Barker who couldn’t get in the ring, but Mark Cuban is a pretty active guy,” Rhodes said. ‘I suggest that if he wants to get some payback on [Orton], he bring a couple of Cowboys or Mavericks to the ring on Monday and put his money where his mouth is. We’ll have an old-fashioned six-man tag match.”‘