Sonic Relocation: Cuban to Vote ‘Nay’

by Marcel Mutoni

Seattle hasn’t been winning too much of late, but they haven’t been terrible either. Sandwiched around the big win against the Nuggets were two reasonably competitive games against Playoff-bound foes.

Ultimately though, those efforts mean next to nothing in the grand scheme of things; the franchise and its fanbase are dealing with a much larger concern than wins and losses.

Mark Cuban is one of thirty team owners with a vote in the Sonics’ bid to move to Oklahoma City, and he’s going to vote for them to stay – even if it means standing alone.

“I’m going to wait to get all the information,” he said before the Sonics’ game against the Mavericks. “(But) my preference is the Sonics stay in Seattle. My prejudice is against having a Dustbowl Division in this part of the country because I don’t think in the big picture that helps the NBA and I think the bigger market helps the NBA.”

Cuban is certainly no stranger to going against the wishes of the establishment. Unlike some his other crusades, however – putting the League’s refs under a larger microscope, for instance – this carries with it a feeling of complete insignificance.