Sonics Ticket-Holders Want to Watch OKC’s New Team for Free

by August 19, 2008

by Marcel Mutoni

Just because the team is no longer playing half of its games in Seattle doesn’t mean longtime fans don’t want to attend the games. They very much do. They’d just like a little discount. Read: free entry.

A trio of Sonics fans who are suing Clay Bennett and his business partners over their move of the Sonics from Seattle to Oklahoma City don’t want to reach into their wallets when they attend OKC home games over the next two years.

From the Seattle Post-Intelligencer:

“The court should also award monetary damages to class members to the extent their costs to attend the games cannot be adequately covered by the provision of free season tickets,” the motion stated.

Seattle fans conceivably could then either resell the tickets, choose not to use them or fly to Oklahoma City to attend games.

It’s a long shot, but imagine the amazing tension this would create were the judge in this case to side with Sonics fans.

Furthermore, with ticket prices in Oklahoma City being significantly higher than they were in Seattle, this would certainly create an interesting atmosphere in the stands for the next couple of years (assuming, of course, that these people love the Sonics enough to hop on a plane bound for Oklahoma.)