Source of Bynum’s Emergence: Money?

by Marcel Mutoni

Few other players (if any) have had a bigger improvement from last season to this one than the Lakers’ Andrew Bynum. After teammate Kobe Bryant famously threw him under the bus in an amateur video clip that made the rounds on the web, everyone wondered how the young’un would react.

He has exceed all expectations.

Most credited his growth to the work he’s done over the last couple of years with the legendary Kareem Abdul-Jabbar, and of course the desire to prove his superstar teammate wrong. Phil Jackson, though, thinks there’s more to it than that. Specifically, the Zen Master says dolla dolla bills (y’all) are the motivating factor in Andrew’s massive improvement.

What motivated Bynum?

“My guess is his contract,” Jackson said. “Dollars are green. The idea, that ‘Hey, it’s coming up, I’ve got to get some traction here. This process is real short.’ “

With Andrew Bynum in the third of a four-year deal, Phil Jackson might be right.

Be it money, pride, Laker Girls, …, we Laker fans are thankful for whatever has lit a fire under the young monster.