Spain vs. Toronto Raptors

by Marcel Mutoni

Jorge Garbajosa, the Raptors’ shaggy forward, is out indefinitely following the announcement that he’ll require more surgery on his left leg and ankle.

You may recall that the Raptors allowed Garbo to participate in the European Championships this summer only after the Spanish Basketball Federation agreed to insure him for $1 Million.

Now, the Spanish media is mad at the Raptors organization and they’re throwing accusations around. From the Toronto Star:

What is without dispute is that in Garbajosa’s native Spain, where he is a beyond-reproach hero, media coverage has been making the Toronto franchise out as the villain.

“The Raptors have a bit of a grudge (against Garbajosa),” Spanish centre Pau Gasol said a while back, summing up the Spanish spin on things.

Yes, it’s just so mean-spirited to demand insurance for one of your key assets when he asks to participate in a competition that could jeopardize his ability to fulfill his contract with the team. Get real.

(This is completely unrelated to Garbajosa and the Raptors, but it has something to do with Spain and is somewhat related to the NBA. Even more importantly, it is hilarious, hence why I’m posting it: Apparently, lucky Spaniards can now purchase small figurines of Pau Gasol relieving himself. Talk about the perfect Christmas gift!)