Speedy Claxton Can’t Outrun a Broken Hand

by Lang Whitaker

OK, it was barely 24 hours ago that we established the Atlanta Hawks used to be unstoppable — shoot, they were Atlanta’s Air Force.

Since then, not so much. This summer has been great, though. Besides the young guns — J-Chill, Marv and J-Smoove — the Hawks drafted Shelden Williams, who if nothing else will be good for six fouls each night.

Still, the biggest news for Hawks fans this summer was the signing of a point guard — finally — as the Hawks inked Speedy Claxton to a four-year deal. At long last the team had a really good, quality, proven point guard to run the show. And Hawks fans, we finally had hope.

And then I just got word, moments ago, that Speedy Claxton broke his left hand playing pick-up ball (on Monday) and is likely out 4-5 weeks.

The NBA season? Starts in 4-5 weeks.

Here we go again.

UPDATE: Here’s a link.