Spree’s Yacht Gets Taken Away

by August 22, 2007

by Marcel Mutoni

If I were to make a list of reasons why I absolutely love the NBA, the fact that Latrell Sprewell owns a yacht (the awesomely named “Milwaukee’s Best”) would have to be placed somewhere near the top. But now, sadly, this is no longer the case.

Former professional basketball star Latrell Sprewell, who three years ago rejected a $21 million contract offer, calling it insulting and saying he had a family to feed, had his 70-foot, $1.5 million, Italian-built yacht repossessed Tuesday.

Apparently, Spree hasn’t been keeping up with his monthly loan and insurance payments on the yacht.

Spree deserves to own a yacht (if for no other reason than our amusement), and I assume he still has to feed his family, so there can only be on solution here: Comeback Time!