Spurs: Winners of Mighty Mouse Sweepstakes?

by Marcel Mutoni

Alright, so “Sweepstakes” might be too strong a term when discussing Damon Stoudamire’s availability, but the truth of the matter is that he could really help out a title contender.

Perhaps not surprisingly then, the Spurs and their brilliant front office are expected to sign the former Grizzly as early as today.

Stoudamire had expressed interest in signing with both the Spurs and the Boston Celtics, but seems to have settled on San Antonio as his destination of choice.

With Tony Parker indefinitely sidelined (honestly, isn’t it about time we began appreciating the understated stylings of one Jacque Vaughn?) with a nagging left heel injury, and the Spurs’ traditionally successful Rodeo Trip off to a rough start, this signing couldn’t have come at a better time for San Antonio and its fans.