Having covered the NBA for over 10 years now, there’s really not much that surprises me anymore. Ron Artest running into the stands, Stephen Jackson bucking shots outside a strip club, Shaq becoming a police officer and participating in raids. All good. But the recent discovery that Artest and Jackson both have myspace pages? Yeah, that one sort of caught me offguard.

Don’t get me wrong, I have a myspace page, too (find it if you can). But I’m not an NBA player who probably already has more attention than they can handle. And at least Artest’s page focuses on his album and label, providing grassroots marketing opportunities for his tours and whatever. Jack, I don’t know why Jack has one. Although, from going through his friends list, you can sort of see why he was at a strip club at 3 a.m.

I’ve looked for other NBA players, and the only one I’ve found so far has been Fred Jones. Is this an Indiana thing? Do I just not understand? Or am I just not looking hard enough?