Stan Van Gundy on the Celtics’ ‘Excuses’

by March 27, 2009

by Marcel Mutoni

Two nights ago, the Orlando Magic defeated the Boston Celtics in Florida, and in the process leap-frogged the C’s in the Eastern Conference standings. This made their coach a very happy man, and one who simply couldn’t resist throwing a shot at the team he’d just beaten.

Stan Van Gundy, who’s already gotten into one war of words this season, is tired of hearing Boston’s injury moans.

The Providence Journal has the details:

“I want to know how some teams get on the list, where they get excuses and other teams are not on that list. All I’ve been hearing about is all the injury problems the Celtics have had this year.”

Van Gundy talked about his own team’s loss of All-Star point guard Jameer Nelson, who suffered a season-ending shoulder injury in early February. The Magic have continued playing well in part because of a three-way trade that brought Rafer Alston from Houston.

Van Gundy doesn’t have to see Shaq on the court this season again, but the Celtics are likely to meet his Magic in the second round of the Playoffs. The two teams will then have a good opportunity to properly discuss these so-called excuses.