Stephen Curry ‘Liking the Vibe’ Heading into Game 5 vs Houston

Stephen Curry and the Warriors are confident heading into Game 5 of the Western Conference semis Wednesday nght, with their series against Houston deadlocked at 2-2.

Curry, who has faced criticism for his inconsistent play against the Rockets, says he is “liking the vibe” around his team.

Draymond Green adds that physicality has determined the outcome so far in the series.

Per The Athletic:

“That was totally different,” Curry said of the 2015 dinner at the Memphis barbecue joint that helped turnaround that Western Conference semifinal series with the Grizzlies. “We hadn’t proven anything to ourselves back then. We know who we are now.”

The dynasty is officially on notice.

“They’re doing whatever it takes to win,” Draymond Green said. “And not that they’re doing anything dirty or nothing like that, but they’re doing whatever it takes to win, and we’re just kind of rolling in there, and they’re slamming us. We just have to change our mindset and if we change our mindset, then we’ll be just fine. We haven’t these last two games. The first two games I think it was completely opposite. I think we were taking it to them and they weren’t really responding as far as physicality, and that’s the difference in the series. That’s why it’s 2-2.”

The only question now is whether the Warriors can get to their best, especially with these Rockets in the way.

“We’re tied together right now,” Curry said. “I’m liking the vibe.”

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