Stephen Curry: ‘Nobody’s Going to Feel Sorry for Us at All’

Stephen Curry and the Warriors aren’t expecting anyone to feel “sorry” for them with their backs against the wall, and Game 5 of the NBA Finals looming.

Golden State is down 3-1 to the Toronto Raptors, and could be looking at the end of their dynasty tonight.

The two-time defending champs continue to hope that Kevin Durant (calf strain) suits up—he practiced Sunday and is listed as questionable for Game 5—but Draymond Green says they “got to try to find a way” to extend their season if he remains in street clothes.

Per The AP:

“Nobody’s going to feel sorry for us at all,” Warriors guard Stephen Curry said. “It’s just a matter of can we get it done or not, and we’re going to leave it all out there starting on Monday.”

Here’s reality: Any Durant is better than no Durant for the Warriors right now. His mere presence might throw the Raptors off just enough to create more chances for the rest of the Warriors. It’s really the only card the Warriors have left to play at this point.

“There’s been hope that he will come back the whole series,” Warriors forward Draymond Green said. “So that’s not going to change now. Obviously we hope to have him, but we’ll see what happens. We don’t make that final call … he don’t really even make that final call. His body will tell him if he can get out there or not. And if he can, great. And if not, you still got to try to find a way.”

Or else, this era could end Monday night.

“We’ve got to win one game,” Green said. “We win one, then we’ll build on that.”

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