Stephen Curry Says James Harden is the MVP

If Stephen Curry had an MVP vote, it’d go to James Harden.

Curry gives Harden the edge over Russell Westbrook since Houston is a better team than OKC this season.

Harden, of course, thinks he’s already made his case loud and clear.

Per the Houston Chronicle:

With media members to soon begin weighing their criteria for NBA postseason awards, Rockets guard James Harden said he would balance each of the factors often considered – value, player of the year, team success – when judging the candidacy of MVP candidates.


“I think all of the above,” Harden said. “I think obviously individually you have to have a really, really good season, but your team has to be in position to be one of the top teams in your respective conference. Then, just look how valuable you are to that team. If you’re taken off that team, is your team still good, are you still playoff contenders? All that adds into one. Obviously, you have to be winning. And you just have to be having an unbelievable year.”


Asked how he defines the MVP, Rockets guard Pat Beverley was more succinct. […] “James Harden,” Beverley said. “No matter what the media say, no matter what the people say, everybody in the league knows who the MVP is.”

James Harden Says He’s the MVP