Stephen Curry: ‘That Chip on My Shoulder Has Never Gone Anywhere’

by April 09, 2019

Stephen Curry still feels like he has something to prove.

The three-time NBA champion and two-time MVP says he still carries a large chip on his shoulder.

Curry, 31, continues to stoke a “quiet fire” within himself while reaching for ever-higher heights.

Per The San Fran Chronicle:

He has discovered his most brutal critic and the only person equipped to properly evaluate his game: himself.

“That chip on my shoulder has never gone anywhere,” he said. “My work ethic had to become my biggest strength, always trying to find something to add to my game and get more refined. I knew nothing was going to be given to me, in terms of just being able to walk on the floor and be the best player, and that helped shape my perspective and created an edge throughout my journey.

“Now, I have my own standards and expectations for myself, but I can be petty. There are people I remember that said something when I was in high school or coming out of college into the draft. There are a lot of people with platforms and microphones, who were talking about my game and what I wasn’t going to be that drove me from time to time. But the daily motivation now comes from feeling like I haven’t met my full potential yet.

“That’s a fun journey to be on.”

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