Stephen Curry: ‘This Year Was 10 Times Harder, Physically and Emotionally’

by June 27, 2019

Stephen Curry says Golden State’s postseason run was “10 times harder” than last year’s, but that he’s extremely proud of the “sheer fighting ability” the Warriors displayed throughout.

“It says a lot about who we are as a team and what we’ve been through,” adds Curry.

The two-time MVP had the Warriors over at his house after they were eliminated by the Toronto Raptors in Game 6 of the NBA Finals for a “celebration of just how special this journey has been.”

Per Complex:

Obviously I know you guys came up short this year but give me an idea of how this run compared to last year.

Curry: “This year was 10 times harder, physically and emotionally for sure. All the tough blows we were dealt on the way with injuries, you got three guys getting pretty significant injuries throughout the course of the playoff series, they were important guys and I would answer that question by saying I’m even more proud of how we handled it and how we fought to the end this year. There’s really no reason other than our sheer fighting ability and competitiveness that we were within a possession to get to Game 7. It says a lot about who we are as a team and what we’ve been through. It sucks to lose and we’ll be thinking about for a long time, but we battled and gave ourselves a sliver of hope until the end to get the job done.”

So how long do you think the sting of losing this one is going to last for you?

Curry: “I mean, the sting is pretty much done by now, but I’ll be thinking about it until we start playing again. That’s part of the nature. You kind of go back and revisit what’s the best option for this game and what you could’ve done differently. Part of what the docu-series is mostly showing is the most special thing I have and the most important thing I have is my family and the experiences that we get to go through so those are definitely a set perspective that I try to bring that stuff home with me, even the night after we lost Game 6, we had the entire team at the house and we were drinking some wine and having some fun, talking about the crazy year that we had and it was nothing like somber or down about any of it. It was more like a celebration of just how special this journey has been and knowing that it’s not over yet so I think in turn having people that support you, having your family, and you getting to share them it definitely helps keep things into perspective and not make it more tough to lose than it already is.”

I’m curious if your free agency monitoring habits are going to be changing at all this summer.

Curry: “Not really, I mean, we got two guys that are in the boat, going through it, so they’re closer to their decisions or whatever. But the league changes pretty much every year and like I said earlier there’s some surprising moves and big names changing teams. But nothing should surprise anybody anymore in terms of how crazy free agency gets and the reaction and the storylines over the course summer are sometimes even bigger than during the season just because how big the NBA is. I’ll be tuning in and obviously AD already being traded it’s going to be a wild summer like it always is.”

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