Stephen Jackson’s New Home: Dallas?

by Marcel Mutoni

Cap’n Jack no longer wants to man the sinking ship in Golden State — he let the world know this past Friday. Stephen says he wants to play for a Playoff team, so naturally he lists the Knicks as one of his preferred destinations. Huh?.

Regardless, now is time for the always-fun speculation about the color of Jackson’s next uniform.

According to, the Mavs could soon be hearing from Don Nelson and the Warriors about Stephen Jackson’s availability:

On Friday morning, I spoke with a source very close to the Golden State front office who tells me that Nellie is leading serious in-house conversation about proposing a trade to the Mavs that would move a rotation-caliber player from Golden State to Dallas in exchange for cap relief.

I, for one, hope this is true, simply to see Don Nelson and Mark Cuban back at the negotiating table after everything that’s gone down between them.

Nellie, who apparently loves Stephen Curry, is rumored to also want Monta Ellis shipped out of town alongside Jackson.

Of course, Nelson and the Warriors will somehow have to convince a team owner to take on $80 mil in salaries for both guys. That may be a tad steep for even someone like Mark Cuban these days.