Stephon Marbury Plans to Deliver New York 10 Million Masks

by March 30, 2020

Former Knicks star point guard Stephon Marbury is looking to help his hometown by delivering 10 million N95 masks to New York’s hospital workers and other first responders amid the coronavirus global pandemic.

Marbury says he has made arrangements with a mask supplier in China willing to sell each mask for $2.75 (well below the $7.50 that retailers are quoting the state.)

The masks would be delivered 2 million at a time over five weeks, but there’s plenty of political and administrative gridlock to get through first.

Per The NY Post:

“At the end of the day, I am from Brooklyn,” Marbury said during a call from his Beijing home. “This is something that is close and dear to my heart as far as being able to help New York.

“I have family there in Coney Island, a lot of family … who are affected by this, so I know how important it is for people to have masks during this time.”

Despite the good intentions, Adams’ efforts to connect with Gov. Andrew Cuomo and Mayor Bill de Blasio’s staff to present Marbury’s offer have gone anything but smoothly.

“We’ve been communicating back and forth with the city and state, and for some reason they are saying they don’t need any more masks, but the hospitals are saying they do,” Adams said Thursday.

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