Steve Francis Has Left His Chinese Team

by December 28, 2010

The former NBA All-Star couldn’t physically cut in the Chinese Basketball Association, and so continues his sad saga. The AP has the latest: “Three-time NBA All-Star Steve Francis is leaving his Chinese team after playing in just four games over two weeks. Chinese media say the out-of-shape 33-year-old played just 14 minutes for the Chinese Basketball Association’s Beijing Ducks. To the consternation of his coach, Francis left the stadium midway through the Ducks’ 104-89 victory over the Jiangsu Dragons on Sunday. Francis had reportedly signed with the Ducks for $800,000 for the 32-game 2010-11 season, a portion of which he will receive as a settlement. ‘I feel unhappy that I couldn’t play the game. I know I was not well-prepared physically to help the team on court. As the team is in hot form, I think it is best for both sides for me to terminate my contract,’ Francis was quoted as telling Beijing Television on Monday afternoon. A number of former NBA stars, including former All-Star Stephon Marbury, signed with Chinese teams this season following the lifting of a $60,000 monthly salary cap. Ducks coach Min Lulei said he’s been willing to provide a personal trainer for Francis, but the player merely asked for more game minutes.”