Steve Kerr Marvels On the Performance of Stephen Curry

In his first game, despite getting a triple-double for the first time since 2016, Stephen Curry called his performance against the Los Angeles Lakers “trash” in his post game interview.

Two nights later against the Los Angeles Clippers, Curry had a night to remember.

The Golden State Warriors superstar dropped 45 points to carry his team to a win over the LA Clippers, 115-113. After shooting only 5-21 on opening night, Curry hit all of his nine shots from the field for 25 points in the first quarter, and then returned late to close out the game with 10 points in the final four minutes on the game with two shots from downtown.

Warriors head coach Steve Kerr has been on the sidelines for years for these types of performances, per abc News, he says he’s “still blown away”:

“Jama [assistant coach] came up to me after the game, he said, ‘This may not be new to you guys, but [DeJan Milojevic] and I were just talking’—this is their first time with the Steph Curry Experience,” Kerr said. “They were just blown away. And even though we’ve all been here watching it, I’m still blown away. There’s never been anybody like him. Not just the shooting range but the competitiveness, the guts, just an amazing, amazing player. What a game he had.”

Curry’s first quarter explosion was the second time in his career that he attained 25 points and five threes while not missing a shot in a single quarter. 

The Warriors are currently 2-0 and play the Sacramento Kings on Sunday.