Steve Nash: ‘I’d Love to Play Overseas’

Steve Nash and his very powerful agent (Bill Duffy) both claim that should playing for the Phoenix Suns not be an option next season, heading overseas during the lockout intrigues both of them quite a bit. From the Arizona Republic: “An inquiry into his interest found him dining with ex-Suns teammate Boris Diaw . . . in Paris. ‘I’d love to play overseas,’ Nash wrote. ‘It may be difficult with three kids but I’d love to do it.’ Besides Nash’s worldly nature and interest, what makes the possibility more intriguing is that Nash has a British passport. Players with passports or dual citizenship help European teams around the limit of two American players. ‘He’d be ready to roll,’ Nash’s agent, Bill Duffy, said. ‘I’ve talked to him about it in the past. He’s a worldwide traveler and maverick. He’s committed to playing for the Suns but it’s not up to him. If it looks like the season’s going to be shut down, everyone’s going to be looking for work.’ What might be more plausible for Nash is playing in China, where he has ties. Nash left Nike this year to endorse shoe company Lu You, although he can still wear Nikes in games. Nash’s agency has represented Yao Ming, who named a school he built in China after Nash. China’s season starts later, in January, allowing Nash and others to have a better feel for the lockout before leaping. Chinese teams would be more open to borrowing a player than European teams would.”