Steve Nash on Soccer, Filmmaking, Suns

by Kyle Stack / @KyleStack

Steve Nash wears a lot of hats. Filmmaker. Actor. NBA superstar. The one thing he isn’t is a soccer star, although the Phoenix Suns All-Star point guard and soccer enthusiast doesn’t appear to know that in a set of new viral videos.

In conjunction with its launch of FIFA ’11, EA Sports has started a Pro Player Challenge to identify the best FIFA ’11 player among professional soccer players. With his love for soccer and filmmaking, Nash became a natural fit to direct and act in several videos with top soccer players. In the videos, Nash has himself convinced he’s a soccer stud. I spoke with Nash via phone yesterday morning to find out whether he thinks he could’ve been a real-life soccer stud had he chosen that route. 2

SLAM: What was that like working with Landon? Did you know him?
Steve Nash: I’d never met him before, so it was a whole new thing. It was a pleasure to meet him as a fan. He was great to work with. He had a really great sense of humor, and he’s a fun guy to be around. He’s a pleasure.

SLAM: How long did it take to make that first video?
SN: The first one didn’t take too long. It too a half hour with me and a half hour with him. But the other ones took us a whole day. We made three videos. It was fun, and it feels great to work with Landon. I think people will enjoy it.

SLAM: Could you play professional soccer?
SN: It’s a very difficult question for me to answer because the conceited athlete in me thinks I can do anything. And the other part of me thinks, Don’t be stupid and say something like you could’ve played at any level. I don’t know. I wanted to play as a kid and maybe I had a chance to play at a level professionally. Who knows? It would be kind of speculative for me to announce anything further. [Laughs]

Well, Ron Artest said he wants to play in the NFL after he retires from the NBA. Any chance you might try professional soccer after the NBA?
SN: You know, I think the only one I would have a chance at is soccer. But I just think by the time I finish playing in the NBA I’d probably be 40, close to or past 40. So to try to pick up another sport at that age may be overshooting the mark.

SLAM: How often do you play video games?
SN: Not a lot. But the technology is unbelievable. The graphics are crazy. It’s so virtual, so it’s pretty phenomenal and spectacular. It’s got me more interested. You feel in control. This reality is just phenomenal.